Hope In Love

the shows over…

Posted on: April 14, 2011

the credits have rolled
the music has stopped
the lights are back on
the curtain is shut

the show’s over
before it even began
as you walk out the theatre
my heart begins to accept

it’s time to say goodbye

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  • been trying to do something on my pc for 2 days...i finally call the it guy...he comes over and suddenly it works... *throws pc out window* 7 hours ago
  • last month by this time i was already out of airtime...this month i've only used R5...the difference an sms bundle makes... 9 hours ago
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  • I feel 82 is a good age to go...and the dude definitely made a name for himself... And I have to be up in 5 hours, so...Out! 17 hours ago
  • I should be sleeping yaz... There's a whole 8 hours of work happening tomorrow... 17 hours ago

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