Hope In Love

the shows over…

Posted on: April 14, 2011

the credits have rolled
the music has stopped
the lights are back on
the curtain is shut

the show’s over
before it even began
as you walk out the theatre
my heart begins to accept

it’s time to say goodbye

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  • RT @ThatXhosaGuy: Hahahahaha! “@TP_Pillay: Lol RT @Seantaneous: rare photos of moses controlling all types of waves. #DuragHistoryWeek http… 12 hours ago
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  • Oh, I forgot I saw "The Equalizer" on Sunday....so good! Denzel is such a sterring! The explosions! The indoor rain! The boiled honey! Yhu! 19 hours ago
  • My arms are covered with bites. Covered! I'm starting to think it was not mosquitoes...they can't possibly do that much damage in one night. 21 hours ago

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