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Reads of the week – 2012 – 10

Posted on: March 18, 2012


do we really love people who aren’t Christian – Jon Acuff

who’s directing your story? – Don Miller

doing what you love – Bryan Allain

veggies, heart attacks, and parties – Matt Apling

the things kids say in church – Jon Acuff

how to draw a star – xkcd

the other f word – Natalie Roos


taboo topics: losing a baby – Brett Anderson

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  • Just had such a pleasant experience at @TelkomZA Direct Store on Adderlly...so friendly and so quick and painless! 4 hours ago
  • RT @Kelbawhaaaat: "The nakedness of women is the work of God" - William Blake 15 hours ago
  • LRT the way I'm so not ready for motherhood... 17 hours ago
  • RT @LuStoneToo: The way I am so impervious to poo. Walked past it three times before I saw it on my bedroom floor. With love from Aroha. #m17 hours ago
  • So @jon_boyntonlee started 2014 by winning Cosmo's sexiest man and followed it up with winning Strictly Come Dancing...nice! 17 hours ago

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