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Reads of the week – 2012 – 12

Posted on: April 21, 2012

There’s too many posts so I’ll put up half today and the other half tomorrow. Enjoy :)


a prayer for this holy week – Carlos Whittaker

the other part of the story – Jake Lee

working on the church’s burn unit – Matt Appling

signature sins – Jon Acuff

closer than my skin – Darrell Hofland

so incredibly human – Karlien du Preez

collective conscience – Sean Tucker

somewhere right now – Che Kershaw

the eventual ghost – I wrote this for you

the envy of a billion little unique snowflakes – I wrote this for you

if you had known – Natalie Roos

never – xkcd

And the cutest sweetest most romantical engagement story I’ve heard in a while:

hey world – Che Kershaw

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