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i dreamt i was running through the forest
lost in the thick of the unknown
no idea where i was
no trails to follow
no way of getting back

i dreamed i was drowning
that i couldn’t breathe
that the walls were caving in
i was being crushed on every side by the waves
all sight of dry land was gone

i dreamt i was bleeding
not just a scape, but an open wound
surrounded by a pool of crimson
the blood gushing in neverending streams
as my heart gave one final beat

i dreamt i was alone
i dreamt you were gone
i dreamt you had left
i dreamt i’d never see you again
i dreamt…

and then you reached out your hand
and i knew i was safe…
i knew i was home

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  • Got to where I thought the venue was 15 minutes early...turned out it wasn't there, so spent that 15 minutes looking for the place... 😔 1 hour ago
  • One hour to finish getting ready, go pick up the ticket from box office, and get to the venue...ie mission impossible! 2 hours ago
  • I don't know why I have schedules while on leave, but ke I'm running behind schedule...at least I managed to drag myself to the gym today... 2 hours ago
  • Battery dying. I'll continue the IG spam tomorrow... 😁 15 hours ago
  • RT @joaomatthews_: Passport filled with stamps. 19 hours ago

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