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Foods I don’t eat…the definitive list

Posted on: September 2, 2008

Firstly I’d like to wish my mommy a very happy blessed birthday. 

I really have nothing to write about this week, most of the conversations going on around me lately are about relationships and I think I’ve covered that topic already…so, thought I’d get a little silly.  Well, here goes:

Foods I don’t eat

Seafood – well, actually I do eat fish, but now that I have a goldfish I don’t think I could eat fish anymore.
Cooked pineapples
Dried fruits…especially raisins
Russian sausages
snails (which is really not food if you think about it)
anything I can’t readily identify
pink viennas 
gherkins/pickles/baby marrow (i do however love cucumbers)
onion rings
mopani worms

Foods I eat but are not too fond of

uncooked pineapples
cooked/steamed carrots and tomatoes
the rest of the vienna family
sandwich meats (bologne, ham, etc)

If there’s anything else I’ll add it when I remember it


2 Responses to "Foods I don’t eat…the definitive list"

I must agree with the KFC and Wimpy, but the cooked pineapple… Errrmmm… Many years ago I had a girlfriend that also disliked cooked pineapple. She was really weird:)

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