Hope In Love

Things I’m grateful for…

Posted on: September 10, 2008

Joshua Davidson, who loves me beyond words, with no judgement, flaws and all – always loving, always protecting, always being there.  For His sacrifice 2000 years ago…for His ongoing forgiveness and grace and mercy…for His love…for teaching me to love and showing me the importance of relationships…for carrying me through the hard times…for allowing me to grow and learn through the hard times…for His joy through the hard times…

My family for putting up with me these past 24 years.  My sister who always gets my sense of humor…and who is and will always be one of my bestest friends ever…and will put aside whatever plans she had to come visit me when I need her to.  My brother who totally loves me and gets so super excited when I come around to visit…and then 5 minutes later gets on my last nerve.  My mom and dad for helping me be me…

Friends…my crew…Isa…Fatima…those who see past my “I’m fine” and get me to a place where “I’m ok, I know I’ll survive…this too shall pass”…and those I don’t let in but if I did they would be there…and those who will tell me that I’m out of line…those who aren’t afraid to make me “feel bad”…those I know I can count on…

 VCF peeps for helping me believe that the church can be what it was meant to be in this day and age…for making me believe that there are people out there who are living for more than just themselves…peeps who believe that another world is possible…and not just believe it but live it…

the good days…that get me through the bad days…

 the laughter…that makes me forget…

puppies and dolphins…for being cute

Albert Einstein…cos he’s hot

blogging…cos otherwise my brain would overload

common sense…cos it makes sense when nothing else does…

love…even when it doesn’t make sense…even when it hurts…cos it’s real…

The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit…cos HE IS!

1 Response to "Things I’m grateful for…"

I think thats one of the most special and beautiful things that one can do. At times we mostly take things that seem minor for granted and its those precise things that have shaped us to be the beings that we are today. I salute you for doing the most senseless thing on earth . . .thanking those who really mean the most to you !

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