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He doesn’t speak…

Posted on: June 25, 2009

This is part 2 of 3 in my lessons learned at NamRock series


This year’s NamRock was very different for me spiritually. I mean, the worship was just as great as last year’s…but…

Last year NamRock was a pit stop on the way to Keetmanshoop…the only reason I went to NamRock was to go to the mission trip afterwards…and while there in that desert I met with God and it was beautiful. This year I went with an expectation for the same to happen. I still felt God’s presence…but it wasn’t as tangible as it had been last year. I knew He was there but…I don’t know, it was more of the knowledge than an actually feeling.

So last year we had this one hour of quiet thing where we all went away for one hour of silence. No talking, just listening to God. And God spoke to me lots…he revealed a lot of stuff and encouraged me and stuff…and it was super good and awesomtastic.

This year, it was 2 hours of silence. So I was expecting God to do twice as much talking. But he didn’t. In fact, there was 2 whole hours of silence from both sides. And once I got into it and stopped trying to hear him, it became as super good and awesometastic as last year. It was a great time of refreshment, Him and I just chilling, not needing to talk…just comfortable silence. And the two hours went by way too fast.

So yea, I think this year was a lot about that…just sitting back in awe as opposed to having to do stuff…or be somewhere…or trying…it was
just about resting in Him…with Him.

And that happened.


Another good thing about NamRock, Lindri and Mike both pointed this out, is how good it is to be there with like-minded people. Over 100 people all gathered together to just worship God…people hungry to hear from him, and see him move, and seeking him…his will. So good.

It makes it that much more hard to come back to reality though. Knowing that people might think you are narrow-minded and stupid and wrong for believing what you believe. At camp you have your support group…everyone is looking out for everyone else…and we are all family…what I think heaven will be like. Here in the real world though…different story. You are quickly reminded that you are in the world, you are a stranger, an alien…you don’t belong.

It’s crazy how weird it was being back home…like I’d seen a glimpse of what could be and now I was back to what is…and it kinda hurt…and I longed to be back at camp, chilling with God and God’s people…being around people who are worshipping him and being encouraged challenged to do likewise in my life…but I guess that’s what it’s about right…what’s the point of being encouraged and challenged if there’s no world to live it out in.

I don’t know if that last sentence made sense.

Basically, I needed that rest and restoration so that I could come back here and be a light and a city on a hill. And as much as I long for my rightful home, I have a job/purpose here on this foreign land…and I need to live that out.

3 Responses to "He doesn’t speak…"

That “last sentence” you refer to makes lots of sense… thanks for sharing…

thanks for stopping by fellow namrocker.

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