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girls get amped about the soccer world cup too…

Posted on: June 9, 2010

[disclaimer, before i get stoned for being sexist or something. i know there are girls who like/love soccer. i know there are girls who actually watch the world cup for the soccer and not for the guys. i know this because, despite the following post, i am one of those girls. i was born into a household that watched every sporting event they could find on tv. i spend most of my saturday afternoons at soccer matches every weekend. i have been supporting the same local team (kaizer chiefs) since before i could write my own name. soccer is beautiful…cute guys or not!]


the first world cup i watched was the 1994 world cup…actually, i didn’t really watch it. my dad had video taped some of the games (good old vcr’s) and so i watched the ones he had taped. i think it was just the semis and the finals.

check out those dreads....*sigh*

and then i saw him…dreadlocks and all. now i’d always been a fan of dreadlocks, but i didn’t know white people (oops, politically incorrect…i meant caucasians) could get dreadlocks too. also, as far as i knew only rastafarians were allowed to have those. not that i actually knew anything about rastafarians except the dreadlocks and mary-jane…anyway, back to the point. there he was in all his swedish glory…hendrik larsson. i don’t remember anything else about that world cup (oh wait, i think it was in the US…i could be wrong). but i do remember larsson and his dreads. then he cut them off and i kinda didn’t notice him anymore.

the second world cup i watched was in 2002…i think i just totally missed the 1998 one. anyway, this time two boys caught my attention. the first was christiano ronaldo of portugal. honestly, ronaldo only caught my eye because he was a good player. he was quite fast and he could score. after the world cup though every girl and their mother was talking about how cute he was and suddenly every girl had a crush on him. which was totally fine with me because it left me to have the new love of my life all to myself. my brother developed a man crush on ronaldo which he still has to this day. ha!

Love of my life

anyway, as skilled as this second boy is i didn’t even notice his skills at first – i noticed his hair. he was running towards the ball and suddenly everything went into slowmotion, his hair was flipping behind him, it was like a commercial for a new shampoo…a brazillian shampoo. [side note: ever since we studied the country in my 7th grade social studies class, i’d been in love with all things brazillian. and here was this brazillian, reminding me why i wanted to live in brazil] and then he kicked the ball…and it went in. after that i was in-love. boy has got some serious dribling skills…he is definitely gifted in soccer. so i watched all his games. even after the world cup (which is when i finally found out his name – ronaldinho). a little while after the world cup i became a barcelona fan and i remained one until he left and went to milan…i didn’t move to milan, i stayed a ronaldinho fan though. and now he’s not in the world cup…that makes me sad. i’m still rooting for brazil though…after south africa that is *cough cough*

i guess this year i’ll have to find a new love of my life to watch internationally. locally though, there’s always Itumeleng Khune.😉

2 Responses to "girls get amped about the soccer world cup too…"

cristiano ronaldo wasn’t even in the world cup 2002! he made his FIRST world cup appearance in 2006. if you love him so much, get your facts right!

You’re right, it was 2006 not 2002. But if you read the post you would have noticed that I never said I loved Ronaldo, I said it was his skill I noticed and I quickly got over him soon after the World Cup.

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