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Reads of the week – 2010 – 29

Posted on: August 14, 2010

blogs of the week:

On poverties (On afternoons and coffeespoons – Valerie Anderson – ?)

Can single guys and girls be friends? (Tripp Crosby.com – Tripp Crosby – @trippcrosby)

Building benches instead of frisbees (Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff – @prodigaljohn)

One word at a time blog carnival: Laughter (One word at a time – Bridget Chumbley – @bridgetchumbley)

series of the week:

(not a series, just 3 different people who happened to write on the same topic on different days this week)

Guest post: My life as a whitewashed feminist by Elizabeth Esther (Jesus needs new PR – Matthew Paul Turner – @jesusneedsnewpr)

Excerpt from bittersweet by Shauna Niequist (Donald Miller’s Blog – Donald Miller – @donmilleris)

Women need not apply (The Church of No People – Matt Appling – @MattTCoNP)

quotes of the week:

I’ve had CRAZY things happen while I’ve been on stage in churches. The strangest being a breast feeding mom deciding to pull out lefty during the second verse of Mighty to Save about 10 feet in front of me while she kept on singing…“Focus Los. Focus…So take me as you find me…Look ahead… Look ahead…” I’m all for nursing, just wait until the preacher gets on stage and the worship leader gets off stage. – Carlos Whittaker

Relationship are like friendships, the only thing that changes is that you get to kiss and do what adults do. [advice my friend gave me on dating]

I spend my time doing things that I’ll never remember with people I’ll never forget – random quote from another friend

Flash is the COBOL of the internet – @joestump #tech4africa

tumblr of the week:

Aaron Gillespie is still living

tattoo of the week:

How many sessions did that thing take?

music of the week:

Versus The Wolf

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