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Multilingual like me

Posted on: September 7, 2010

one of my hobbies is collecting translations of the word “hope”. why? cos that’s my name. it’s a pretty useless collection…i’d need to actually know other words in the language to need to use the word. also, my name is tsholofelo. i can’t go around introducing myself in other languages, it would be too confusing.

anyway, here’s what i’ve committed to memory so far

Hope – English

(south african languages)
Hoop – Afrikaans (also Dutch i believe)
Tsholofelo – Setswana
Tshepo – Sesotho
Themba – isiXhosa/isiZulu
fulufhelo – tshiVhenda

(other african languages)
Tumaini – Swahili

(european languages)
Esparanza – Spanish
Espoire – French
Speranza – Italian
Tikva – Hebrew
Von – Icelandic (thanks sigur ros)
Hoffnung – German

(asian languages)
Xi Wang – Mandarin

if you know of any more translations please let me know.


i really like the word hope – and not just because it’s my name.

i feel like hope is that thing that keeps us holding on when everything about us is crumbling. my hope rests in christ and in his work on the cross and in his love. when all about me is falling and it feels like i’m falling with it, i remember that the father loved me enough to send his son to the cross and i am comforted. that’s not to say i think that everything will work out as i want it to, but i know that it will work together for my good – when things don’t go the way i want them to, i remember that he is in control. and that’s how i face life’s trials and tribulations. i keep looking to him, and trusting that he knows best.

my very first blogpost reads:

“I always wanted to go into full-time ministry (i.e. work for the church) and I thought that if I ever did i would call my ministry “hope in love”. Why? 3 reasons:

1. We find hope in His love for us
2. Because of His love for me and my love for Him, i bring hope to others
3. I, Hope (my name translated into English), am in love with Joshua Davidson

And for those wondering who Joshua Davidson is: Joshua or Yeshua is Jesus in Hebrew, and Davidson is the son of David – or a male born in the lineage of David.

So yea, I’ve decided to use this space to document my growth (or lack thereof) – spiritually (and maybe maturity-wise if that ever happens) and I figure by putting that on the web I’m inviting billions of people around the world to keep me accountable, and to call me out on it if I become hypocritical – which I tend to do. And because the people who will be reading this are most probably all total strangers, I have no need for masks therefore I can be totally 100% honest. Scary thought. And so here begins my ministry – not what I imagined it to be all those years ago but hey, anything short of sin, right.

I’m not a professional blogger nor do I consider myself a writer, but if any Christian reads anything I’ve written here and thinks, I want my walk with Christ to be better or if any non-Christian reads anything I’ve written here and thinks, maybe this Jesus Christ guy isn’t so bad – I’d like to get to know more about him, then this exercise is all worthwhile.

Keith Green put it perfectly when he said “I repent of ever having recorded one single song, and ever having performed one concert, if my music, and more importantly, my life has not provoked you into Godly jealousy or to sell out more completely to Jesus!”

So let the journey begin…”


this post was written for the one word at a time blog carnival. this week’s theme is “hope”. Click here to read other posts from some awesome bloggers.

10 Responses to "Multilingual like me"

Hope is TOIVO in Finnish.
Blessings to you and your ministry!

thank you. will add that one to my knowledge base.

Hope means the same thing in any language. Christ means the same thing in any language. You keep writing this blog. It makes a difference, even if you don’t always see it.

I love the name of your ministry!!! And your blog! Coolbeans!:-)

Thanks for sharing!

May Jesus continue to reveal His hope in you!

I love it…whenever you speak your name, you are sharing hope! When you connect your name to His name….wow…that’s a testimony!

I enjoyed learning about the different translations and more about you. Keep spreading hope… you are touching lives.

[…] my favorite things. How could I not love it right. And I’ve also written a post on the word HOPE, seeing as it’s not only my name, but it is probably my favorite word and the characteristic […]

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