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Christian Movies Suck

Posted on: October 20, 2010

that’s the vibe going around. and i tend to agree. there’s only so many times i can watch kirk cameron types in the same story line with just a little twist (lost his job, wife is leaving him, etc then meets with Jesus at the last minute and everything is honkey dorey after that) because frankly, that’s not my story. i mean there’s a few movies that i feel tried a different route but not enough. how to save a life for instance – i thought that was really good. and it didn’t leave me with a whole lot of “yea, but in real life…” – especially the side story with the pastor’s kid…made it more real to me.

anyway, what i wanted to say is: i wasn’t one of those troubled teen into drugs and drinking and teenage pregnancy and then someone at youth reached out to me and i met jesus and turned my life around. i was more one of those went to church my whole life, met christ at camp, and life keeps getting in the way, and now i’m on this search for christ, searching for his footsteps, trying to walk in them…and it’s hard. the moment i chose to really follow christ was the moment my life stopped being honkey dorey (or maybe i only realised then how much it wasn’t honkey dorey…and why do i keep saying honkey dorey…is that even how you spell it…wait, where was i…oh yes).


i used to not read christian books cos they all felt a little over my head. some huge christian dude was telling me how i should be living even though he knew absolutely nothing about me. he had the answers, he knew better. just do what he tells you and all will work out. and i got over christian books – until my friend told (forced) me to read blue like jazz. and i loved it.

it didn’t come across as a “here’s the way follow it cos i’m always right” but rather as “i’m struggling on this walk but this is what i’ve learned so far…maybe it could help you too”. like, don miller didn’t come across as some wise, old, “i’ve already made it” type, he felt like someone i could relate to. and the book spoke to me so many different times…he would tell a story of something that happened to me and i’ll be like “whoa, yea, me too” so i really dug it. and it totally changed my walk with christ…in the sense that, i felt like maybe christ does know what i’m feeling in this moment in this time and he cares…he cares enough to make me realise that i’m not some weirdo out there who’s struggling by herself when everyone else has got it down pact. and for the first time i felt like, even if he wasn’t God and he wasn’t obligated to love me, maybe just maybe he’d still love me and like me and wanna hang out with me and have cupcake/coffee hangout sessions with me.

which is when i started my random cupcake/coffee hangout sessions with God…which now also include a guitar…fun times!

and that book led me to reading other books since which have helped along on this walk and have encouraged me and challenged me and just strengthened my walk (ie irresistible revolution).


anyway, so the book is now being turned into a movie. problem is, it’s not a typical christian plot, so some people are having a hard time getting behind it. they feel like there might not be a market for it, so they are not willing to put their money into it. when don miller and the director and everyone decided to maybe put the script back on the shelf, a couple of fans decided to start a fund-raising campaign for the movie – the save the blue like jazz movie campaign…and what do you know, there was a market for it after all because people are donating money and wanting to be a part of telling this story. i guess that book talked to more people than just me.

the movie is being shot on a fund-raising-budget. there are no huge names behind it. this is maybe why christian movies suck. hollywood holds the money. christians have stories, but not the means to tell them.

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my sister and i loves to read christian books because it inspires us to live life in its fullest :;~

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