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Reads of the week – 2010 – 39

Posted on: November 20, 2010

it’s not all prettified this week because i’ve just spent the last few hours packing my life into boxes. moving tomorrow. so very tired. blogs of the week: ==================================
Pick up your dream (Ragamuffin soul – Carlos Whittaker – @loswhit)

Faraway Man (Rainbow Confetti and Sparkling Wine – Mercury Girl – ?)

Give the gift of a goat (Jesus needs new PR – Matthew Paul Turner – @jesusneedsnewpr)

One word at a time blog carnival: Gratitude (One word at a time – Bridget Chumbley – @bridgetchumbley)

I have a confession to make (Lize Kay – Lize Kay – @lizetheunicorn)

David and Goliath, a modern retelling (Ramblings and Such – Bryan Allain – @bryanallain)

Bullying the thinkers (Unlearning – Sean Tucker – @seantuck)

“this made me smile” of the week:

Why guys can’t dance (Rainbow Confetti and Sparkling Wine – Mercury Girl – ?)

quotes of the week:

i know some of you are thinking “hey that’s John Ellis, ex-member of tree63 and former christian” – John Ellis

Start the conversation right when you answer the phone. All phones have caller ID now. I know you have my number programmed in, so there really is no need to start the conversation with a 1989 “Hello?” as though you’re playing a game of telephone lottery. – Tyler Stanton

That’s like being stuck on a plane in front of a centaur with poor social skills. Seriously, who does that?! Who plays a pan flute in an enclosed space where no one can get away. I mean, what if the sound of a pan flute reminds you of the time your Mom was gored to death by a unicorn? Insensitive. As far as I’m concerned, the pan flute guy *should* be ashamed. Oh, and all that other stuff you said was good. I liked it. – Jamie, comment on a scl post

tumblr of the week:

twins separated at birth?


truth about stalking

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