Hope In Love

Reads of the week – 2010 – 40

Posted on: November 27, 2010


The gumtree ad of epicness (Lize Kay – Lize Kay – @lizetheunicorn)

The drunk and the hypocrite (Relevant Magazine – Jon Foreman – @jonforeman)

Angel of almost (I wrote this for you – Please Find This – @pleasereadthis)

Our $29,000 God (Stuff Christians Like – Jon Acuff – @prodigaljohn)

Trainy’s possums (Katdish.net – Kathy Richards – @katdish)


I have come to the conclusion that some things such as beauty require no explanation, no meaning. They exist because they do, and the beautiful moments, and mountain views, and people you meet are there to be enjoyed not to be rationalized and processed. – Michael-John Phillip

tattoo of the week:

Rock n Roll


that’s all this week…slow week…thanksgiving…no internet…you know how it goes…

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