Hope In Love

the shows over…

Posted on: April 14, 2011

the credits have rolled
the music has stopped
the lights are back on
the curtain is shut

the show’s over
before it even began
as you walk out the theatre
my heart begins to accept

it’s time to say goodbye

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  • This thing of moving/changing phone numbers a lot. 10 min call with SARS and I couldn't remember jack - home/work number, cell, address...🙈😔 3 hours ago
  • RT @MizIronsi: Pharrell Williams 2 public shows announced by @bigconcerts. Check out my insta page for more info 4 hours ago
  • Star Wars was released 38 years ago today. Happy happy, uhm...people who like Star Wars. 5 hours ago
  • It's towel day today. Happy happy, hitchhikers. 5 hours ago
  • It's Africa Day today. Happy happy, Africans. 5 hours ago

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