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Why I love Versus The Wolf (re-post of sorts)

Posted on: May 24, 2011

I wrote this for my other blog – was posted yesterday – but felt it was life related as well, so i’m posting it again. sorry to those who read both blogs.


So this weekend 2 major things happened. Well, major for me.

1. My Favorite Band – woldwide – The David Crowder Band announced that they are breaking up. This broke my heart. I have yet to see this band live. I’ve loved every album this band has put out, and was hoping there would be many more to come…but alas…

2. My Favorite South African Band won a SAMA. Happiness.

Now, with the breakup of DC*B, this leaves the top spot open. This post is gonna try to explain why VTW is now in the running for the top spot.

There is a satirical Christian blog called “Stuff Christians Like”. The title, if you didn’t already catch it, is taken from the blog “Stuff White People Like”. SCL is written by Jon Acuff and it lists some of the weird and crazy and funny things that we Christians sometimes do. The very first post  was about how we Christians like to take secular pop culture trends and Christianise them, like turning “Got Milk?” into “Got Jesus?”, “Adidas” into “Add Jesus”, or even, you know, “Stuff White People Like” into “Stuff Christians Like”…ahem. Anyway, the problem with this trend is that we, as Chrsitians, believe that God is creative, that we are made in the image of God, which would make us innately creative. But when we take someone else’s idea and Christianise it, we are not being creative, we are stealing someone else’s ideas. If we really believe that we are created in God’s image, we would take this whole using our creativity thing more seriously, we would be forerunners in creativity.

All this to say, VTW won a SAMA for their album cover artwork. It is brilliant. It is creative. It is different. It is original. I’ve talked about that CD cover before on this blog. Anyway, members of the band, Rasheed Ferguson and Nicholas Smal, were the creatives behind the artwork. And they are Christian. They used their God-given creative abilities on this project, won an award for it, and gave all the glory to God for it. Love it!

Secondly, the media is, unfortunately, not very “normal christians” friendly. They love adding to hype when some crazy, fanatical, “christian” says something ridiculous “in the name of Christ” (rapture, Qur’an burning, etc). They like to paint Christians as these weird freaks/hypocrites (to be fair, we do give them a lot of amo). So, for a “Christian” band to come out and get positive media attention, based solely on their musicianship, and not some crazy weird hype, takes some serious talent I think. [the reason I used quotes on christian band is because, although the band members are outspokenly christian, “VTW don’t bill themselves as an out-and-out ‘Christian band’, but their message is unequivocal and the lyrics address what seem to be personal histories of struggles with life and faith. They manage to serve this up without being heavy-handed, coming as they seem to be from a personal stance rather than being idealistic or preachy” quote taken from here ]

Which leads me to my third point: the first time i absolutely fell in love with this band was when they were performing a free show at the waterfront ampitheater and like halfway through the show, Rash started sharing about his faith and the hope which comes from his relationship with Christ, and like these two chicks who were sitting behind me realised for the first time that VTW (then New Altum) were a christian band and they were all “but they are so good though”. which made me sad and happy at the same time. VTW reaches those people who would usually not go to a christian concert. And they use the abilities God gave them to share the love of God and the hope their relationship with Christ has brought them without getting all preachy and offending people.

Ok, last point: amidst the craziness and ridiculousness of May 21st’s Judgement/Rapture Day jokes, VTW went on to 5FM and sang a song which talked about the second coming of Christ. That freakin takes guts/conviction of your beliefs. People around the world were making fun of the Rapture and Judgement Day and Chrsitianity as a whole, and here come these guys onto a national radio show and they sing about their belief in the second coming. I need to get those lyrics – was the first time hearing that song, but what I got was that they were were saying that the second coming is real but they also know that we don’t know the day or the hour, He will come like a thief in the night. And while we try to be prepared, we know that we don’t need to fear cos Jesus is on our side. He’s coming for us to lead us home. Our trials and tribulations on this earth only serve as a reminder to look to Him. We believe in the second coming, but, in Christ, we have security instead of fear.

holding on to their beliefs. loving Jesus.

that’s why i love versus the wolf

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