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Real life conversations

Posted on: August 2, 2011

I didn’t have anything to write about today, then these two conversations popped into my head…this was between me and my housemate last night.  Must say, they left me feeling a like a total loner! (N is the housemate, T is me)


N: “where’s your boyfriend?”
T: “i don’t have one”
N: “why not?”
T: “uhm…”
N: “are you gay? [lol lol lol]“
T: “uhm…”
N: “oh wait, are you? i’m sorry i laughed if you are…i mean it’s ok if you are”
T: “no i’m not”
N: “oh ok then why don’t you have a boyfriend”
T: “i just don’t”
N: “what happened to the other one?”
T: “what other one?”
N: “the last one…i mean there must have been one at some point”
T: “uhm…”
N: “oh. sorry”


N: “don’t you have friends”
T: “i do”
N: “how come they never visit you”
T: “uhm…i don’t know”
N: “ok, maybe it’s a personality thing…what kind of person are you…don’t hold back, just tell cos i really want to understand this thing”
T: “uhm…”
N: “i mean, i always have friends around and then i feel bad cos no one ever comes to visit you”
T: “well, i…”
N: “seriously though…do you have friends?”


ok, now i feel like a total loser, but just so you know, dear internet, i do have friends…like real friends, not facebook friends. some of my friends live too far away for a casual pop-in and visit, and those that don’t we usual go out like to coffee or dinner or whatever instead of the visiting thing, or i visit them cos i suck at inviting people over so when there’s a get-together vibe it’s usually at one of their places…

so all that to say, i do have friends…at the same time, i’m a total loner!

4 Responses to "Real life conversations"

Oh, T I laughed out loud at these two convos. I COMPLETELY relate to your last line. I have friends and I’m a total loner too. It just means that we’re okay with being in our own company. We are on a superior level.

Your roomie is rather funny, trying to “understand this thing”.

“We are on a superior level”…I like this.

And yes, my roomie is quite funny…love her and her quirks to bits

I am also a social person who is a total loner, too – that is not so strange. I like people and company, but I just as easily get fed-up with them and I also like my own company. And I also rather go out or go to other peoples houses, because then I can leave when I want to. But if they visit at your place, it will be rude to tell them to go home, you are tired of the party now :-)

very true. i’m so glad i’m not the only one who feels that way.

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