Hope In Love

his smile…

Posted on: August 4, 2011

she could have sworn that smile was for her. she could have sworn that he had smiled at the sight of her walking through the doors. but she wasn’t going to let that happen again. she was older, she was wiser, she now recognised the way in which her mind and heart had always tricked her in the past.

she didn’t dare look at him. she looked up, down, stared out the window, down at the table in front of her…anywhere but at him…which proved quite difficult with him standing on the stage in front of her. but she was determined. if she looked at him and he was looking at her, she would do something stupid…like smile…and give away her feelings…so she focused on not looking at him.

“why did i agreed to come to this gig with kelly in the first place?” she wondered. “this is definitely not condusive to getting over him.”

as the last notes of the last song rang out she knew it was time to get going.

“oh come on, there’s one more band…please let’s stay” kelly begged

she was in the middle of going through all the excuses why they couldn’t stay when she heard that voice…

the voice that had the power to somehow make her heart stop and beat faster simultaneously
the voice she had fallen in love with over 5 years ago
the voice she thought she’d wake up next to for the rest of her life…at least until last month when he told her that it wasn’t working for him anymore.

she turned around to see the eyes that went with that voice looking at her, and in that moment she knew she would forever be in love with that smile…

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