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Reads of the week – 2011 – 37

Posted on: November 5, 2011

i decided to move all my rss feeds to my blackberry, i figured since i carry it around with me everywhere i go then i could do all my reading in the quiet times of times instead of using up work time to do so…i was wrong. the screen is way too small. but now i have an iPad, and as soon as i have my internet connection sorted i will move my feed over and will start reading again and will then be able to add more reads to this space. sorry about the inconsistency the last few weeks.

posts of the week:

a mysterious, indefinable, relational interaction  – Donald Miller

blacks, you are lazy – Khaya Dlanga

the perspective of enough – Brett Anderson

these fingers type – Darrel Hofland

10 reasons Christians should care about science  – Relevant Mag

quotes of the week:

i don’t want to brag or make anyone jealous of anything, but i can still fit into the earring i wore in high school – from a forwarded email

One’s faith should be like DNA. No matter what they are involved in, no matter what career choice, no matter who they encounter it simply should be ingrained, and a part of them. My faith is simply a part of me. I can no easier remove my belief in Jesus than remove my cells or heart. -Stephen Christian of Anberlin

find of the week:


tattoo of the week:

tats and converse…love 

tumblr of the week:

the fear

so true


i am free 

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