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i know, saturday came and went, but better late than never, hey?

ok, ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce Coals of Juniper…unless, of course, you’ve already met them before.

anyway, super cool name, methinks. comes from the bible. so about the band.

Coals of Juniper is from KZN, and it’s made up of brothers Joel and Jude Kenrick, and Jono Rich. i’ve seen them live twice – both times at arisefest. they are an instumental band…which is amazing. they are soooo good.

they just came back from winning second place in the Durex Ultimate Battle Finals in JHB, with the bassist and drummer taking best bassist and best drummer in the competition…awesome right?

i am a huge fan of songs whose lyrics speak to me, like they were written for me, or taken straight out of my diary. this band speaks to me, and speaks for me, without using words. i seriously get lost in the music everytime i hear them.

and they just grew leaps and bounds between the first time i heard them (Dec ’09 – which was their very first gig) and the second time (Dec ’10) so I can’t wait to hear how much better they are the next time i hear them.

if you ever get the chance, go see this band.

in the meantime, you can find them here on their facebook page


…or thoughts inspired by arisefest…

i had a brilliant time at arisefest…seriously, too awesome. brett wrote a reflection piece on it here…which reminded me of a tweet i had seen a couple days after the fest.

the artist brett was talking about on his blog said something to the effect of “last year i got kicked off the stage, and this year the same thing happened again” when he was told that he was going over his time. someone in the audience then tweeted something like “i can’t believe their kicking [artist] off but they didn’t kick anyone else off” – like they were specifically targetting this artist…which was not true, cos i saw A LOT of bands being given the “5 minutes left, one last song” signal.

also, from the perspective of the organisers, it must be very frustrating to have someone go over their time allotment…and i’m sure it doesn’t feel good to have to be the one to tell someone to leave the stage. but you have other bands that are there to play, and you want to be fair to everyone – give everyone their space to play, cos i mean there’s a reason you asked them to play in the first place right…

but from the perspective of the audience, you always want your favorite artist to play longer, to play all your favorite songs. you don’t think about all the other people who are there to listen to their favorite artists who have yet to come on stage.

i guess it all comes down to selfishness in a way. and i know music festivals are about having fun and enjoying yourself, but it is a Christian music festival, and if you call yourself a christian, at all times you should be dying to yourself and thinking of others more highly than yourself, right?

in conclusion, i know i’ve been the screaming fan in the audience yelling for one more song, so i have to apologise. and at the next arise i promise to try and see things from other people’s [especially the a-team’s, who did a fantastically amazingly brilliant job btw] perspective.

Acoustic stage:

Molly and I
Matthew Mole
Peni Wick
I think Matthew Mole took the prize for me this morning. i really dug his stuff. molly and i were pretty cool – they also played last year. madz kept asking where molly is – “it’s confusing, why would they call themselves molly and i if there’s no molly. i was expecting a girl to be singing”…lol! Peni Wick was also really good, i liked their sound. i think i expected too much from rhodea – it was Gean from show and tell and Nic Fagg and Rob Shaw from Versus The Wolf, and both bands are awesome, so i expected…i don’t know…more from them. although, in their defense, there were bug bites and cars broken into and tents forgotten and other crazy things that happened to them on the way to the festival so maybe…that affected their playing somehow…i don’t know. they definitely didn’t play as well as i’d hoped they would. oh, and i was told that rhodea was a band that Gean was in but they’ve broken up or something so Nic and Rob were just filling in or something.

Main stage:

17:00-17:45 Tomfoolish
17:45-18:30 Coals of Juniper
18:30-19:15 C-Jay
19:15-20:00 Jersey
20:00-20:45 The Plain Truth
20:45-21:30 Skylit City
21:30-22:15 Versus the wolf
22:15-23:15 Straatligkinders
23:15-00:00Arise Band
00:00-00:45 The Kiffness
00:45-01:30 To our divine

tomfoolish was pretty good. didn’t enjoy them as much this time as i did last year. you know that thing where you tasted something amazing years ago and you’ve been building it up in your mind and when you finally taste it again it’s not as amazing as you remember it…i think that’s what happened here. i definitely remember digging them a lot more last year. oh well

coals of juniper was definitely better this year. apparently their show last year was their first as a band…at least that’s what i was told. but they were amazing. they are an instrumental band, which i think is harder to put on a show cos people can’t sing along with your songs so it’s easier to lose the crowd, but people really dug their set. they are sooooo good on the instruments they play.

C-Jay was amazing. He’s also hip hop, so i found myself some hip hop peeps to dance with and had such an amazing time. after that i was so tired and sweaty (tmi?) from the jumping and dancing, but was so amped. seriously amazing set. he’s really got the crowd participation thing down…even though we were pretty much all hearing his stuff for the first time we were all singing along and dancing and it was awesome!

jersey also played last year, but i don’t remember thinking they were all that awesome, but this year i definitely thought they were. i really dig the singer’s voice. he kinda reminded me of the civil twilight guy. anyway, i really dug them them as well. and their cover of kylie minogue’s “two hearts”…so much fun…but it stopped being fun when i had the song stuck in my head the next day!

i saw the plain truth for the first time on tv during the sama awards…and i didn’t like them. not that i didn’t like them, it’s just that they blended their song with solly singing “obrigado” – love that song, and it felt like the plain truth was getting in the way…just wanted to hear obrigado. but when i heard them at arise i loved them. it’s like a hillsong-vibe kinda worship band. very cool. and really dug their songs.

i went on duty at the merch tent just as skylit city was about to start so i missed them. i’ve heard the stuff they have on facebook and it’s amaze. also, i really liked tracing sunday and truth revealed last year – and skylit city members were members of those two bands. so from what i could hear from the merch tent they were good, but i was really looking forward to seeing them play.

sadness: i was on duty during versus the wolf’s show. i misread the program and thought vtw was playing at 22:15 – 23:15, so i signed up for the 21:00 – 22:00 slot, which is when they were playing. i was so bummed when i realised what an idiot i had been. then i thought i would at least catch the last 15 minutes of the show, but then they decided that after their set they would go backstage and sign the merch, so a bunch of people came in just before the end of their set to buy cd’s and posters and it got super busy so i couldn’t leave. so i ended up staying back there until just before the straatligkinders set ended…fortunately i caught one song – Kaptein – but no dance moves (why Bouwer?).

i heard both the bands kicked butt though – as expected! and vtw have a new fan in madz, and i met a graphic designer chick, roxy, who wanted to buy the cd before even hearing the band just because of the album cover – yes, it is that good. you have no idea how many people were impressed by that cover – people would come by the table and look at the front of the cd and i would tell them to look inside and they’d be like “wow!!! hey, look at this”. i also told people to go check out the myspace page which is also awesome…

I guess getting to hang back there with the vtw guys in the merch tent during the signing and getting a personalised autographed poster made up for it though. Nic wrote out the chorus of “riding tsholo” and Rash called me “the queen of twitter”…ha ha…so cool! (i’m such a groupie, it’s sad!) ok, sorry, i’ll move on now.

Arise band brought us into the new year with some worship. once again there was the usual stop worshipping and do the count down (not by the band, they kept playing – which i loved them for) and hug random sweaty strangers, which i’m not too fond of, so i tried to stand as far away from the crown as possible while being part of the congregation. i think this might have been the perfect time to be working the merch tent as it would have been empty, but it was already closed. anyway, whatever. yay 2011…woo hoo…ok, over that.

background: so one time my siblings and i are watching mk (which only happens when i’m around cos they are not as fond of afrikaans music as i am – i live in stellenbosch, what do you expect?) and they show this video of homeless people flying…not flying, but you know that thing you did as a kid when you were “flying” but you were really just running with your arms spread out…yes that. so you have a bunch of homeless people “flying”…that’s the music video…and i was like “WTF? what is this?” and at that point a dog doing number 2 in a park comes on screen…yes, that happened. that is part of the video. and my brother goes “that just became my favorite music video ever” and my sister: “why are we watching this? please change the channel this instant!”.

so the kiffness take the stage and they are amazing and they are fun and “this song is kiff, this song is niiiice”…they were awesome. and i’m dancing and singing and loving it. they had little videos playing on the side screens during their set and i’d look over every once in a while. then during one of the songs i see the music video…the homeless people one. and i was so shocked. the song is really cool and funky – bergies flying, i think it’s called. only then did i realise it’s the same song i’d seen on mk, but with the music video it was weird, without the music video it was a such a kiff song. anyway, i’m now a fan of the kiffness…i think i’ll just stay away from their music videos. [and now i’ve got the song playing in my head…]

last band of the night was “to our divine”. i don’t know why, but with that name i was expecting hardcore. and i thought it was weird that they’d end the night with it. but i was wrong, it’s actually dance – indie dance music, they called it. whatever, anyway we danced the night away and had a blast bringing in the new year. to our divine was really cool. totally dug them. oh, and one of the guys is matthew mole, the one i liked on the acoustic stage.

in closing: i should really learn more words than just “dig/dug”, “amazing” and “awesome” – need to grow that vocabulary.

…but only at arisefest.:)

me: “hi, i’m tsholo”
other: “oh, tsholo from twitter?”

other: “hi tsholo”
me: “hiiiii, have we met?”
other: “no, but i heard your name over and over this weekend”
me: “oh…”

me: “hi, i’m tsholo”
other: “tsholo underscore m”
me: “uhm…yes”
other: “ha ha…my friend was telling me about you last night”
me: “oh…”

just some of the wonderful introductions from arisefest. ha ha…

so, i twitter a lot. and i “meet” people thru twitter. and this past week i finally got to meet some of them in real life. it was kinda surreal having people go “hey, i follow you on twitter”. i’ve done that to people before but i’ve never had it done to me. some people started following me last year during arisefest cos they couldn’t be there and so they followed my stream to check out what’s happening at the fest, so they came and introduced themselves this year. so weird.

then there were some who would come up to me in the merch tent and ask me stuff about versus the wolf because Brett (who was mc’ing) told everyone i was a fan; or asking me the most random things about bands just cos i worked in the merch tent and they assumed i knew everything there was to know about said bands.

i especially liked the ones who came up to me and started talking to me like we were friends just because they’ve been hearing my name from everyone else. or when we were playing cards with some dudes we had just met and he said he wasn’t in the tent when Brett gave out my twitter handle but his friend told him about it later. weird. anyway, got some new followers on twitter after Brett gave out my handle, and hopefully i’ll get to meet them at the next arisefest:)

so thoughts on being famous: it’s great for 3 days – it was fun and got to meet lots of people thru it, but i really don’t get how real famous people do it. i would freak out if i constantly ran into random people who knew way too much stuff about me and i didn’t know them at all.

my absoulute favorite though has to be getting a shout out from Rash Ferguson and Nic Small of Versus The Wolf while Brett was interviewing them. and then Rash singing “i’m riding tsholo”…lolness! after that i had random people came and sat with me on the grass while listening to the acoustic stuff.

yay for being arisefest famous!

Acoustic stage:

Hey! Hustler
Luna the Orca
Blake Roberts

loved hey hustler – he reminded me of werner olckers a little…not the voice, his was a little lower and rougher (he said he’s been at a hardcore show the night before and had messed up his voice a bit) but something about him…anyway. luna the orca were good, but they didn’t blow me away or anything. had lots of fans in the audience though. blake roberts was very cool. loved his lyrics.
Main stage:

17:00-17:45 Dave Phipison
17:45-18:30 The Exploits
18:30-19:15 Scarlet hill
19:15-20:00 Ltn/ Vinyl
20:00-20:45 Remix’d
20:45-21:30 Harbourlight
21:30-22:15 The Ranks
22:15-23:15 The Arrows
23:15-00:00 John Ellis
00:00-00:45 Show and tell
00:45-01:30 Theatre

i watched dave’s first song and then ran into my friend, legend drew, after that and decided to go track down the other people he came with and ended chilling with them and their hot chocolate through the rest of dave and the expoits and some of scarlet hill. apparently though they were awesome – heard great reviews. could hear them from our camping spot and they sounded really good. i missed the last bit of scarlet hill and all of luitenant vinyl because i was working in the merch tent.

so came back into the tent just as remix’d were about to start, and oh man they were freakin’ awesome. i’m not a hip hop head or anything, but i do enjoy good hip hop on occassion, and they were amazing. my friend madz said that was her highlight of the evening.

i heard harbourlight for the first time at arise last year. this year they came back with new songs and a new cd. i sang along with the songs i knew and learned the new ones. they were amaze. their music just screams God-focus-ness, which is so very cool. it reminded me that the purpose of the festival was to glorify God, unlike other festivals where the purpose is just to have fun or get drunk. totally dug their set. also, i got to meet chris dawson, one of their guitarists, who i’ve been friends with on facebook/twitter for a while.

the ranks blew me away again. so bummed that they’ve broken up. but it was so cool to get to see them again. they reunited just for the fest so that’s all we’ll ever see. i was standing in the very front row with my ranks tee, which got a “nice t-shirt” from neil…hee hee…anyway, they totally brought their a game and put on an amazing show. gonna miss them!

the arrows. so if you read my arrows, vtw, white collar kiss review, you’ll know i wasn’t a fan of the arrows after that gig. i realised why at arise. i went to that gig to see vtw, while my friends went to see the arrows. i rocked and screamed and sang along with vtw then sat down for the arrows. what i realised at arise is, the arrows are NOT a sit down band. they are kinda boring if you sit and watch, but amazing if you stand and dance around dockily with them. i seriously enjoyed their set this time around. danced around with all the other crazy people. also, i really dug when the chicky gave the little speech about their christianity and why they’ve gone mainstream’ish and stuff.

john ellis was amazing. i had so much fun singing with everyone at the top of our lungs and jumping around going crazy. only problem was that he sang one john ellis song and the rest was tree63 stuff, which i enjoyed, but i was talking to some people after that show and we all felt like we would have liked to have heard more of his new stuff. i’ve heard it before and really dug it, but some people haven’t and wanted to hear what it sounded like and what all the uproar in the christian community was about. thought maybe he’d play a couple of tree songs and then play his own stuff, but then again maybe other people enjoyed that he only played tree stuff that they knew and liked and they could sing along to.

by the time show and tell came on i was so tired (had a 7:30 meeting that morning) and so i backed off the front and watched at a bit of a distance. also i had memories of things being thrown from the stage and getting hit by the mosh crowd last year so figured distance was the safe bet. so they were hectic! didn’t throw things this year, so they weren’t thrown off the stage, but they brought the hardcoreness! the mosh pit was crazy!!! really dig those guys. oh, and the guy i said reminded me of ex-underoath/current the almost’s aaron gillespie at the last vtw gig turned out to be guitarist for show and tell Gean – upclose he really doesn’t look like aaron, i think it’s just the long red hair…

i didn’t catch all of theatre’s show – as i said i was already tired and fading fast – but i stayed for the first couple of songs just to see what they were like onstage. and they were rocking it! they just carried the hardcoreness from show and tell and gave it their own flavour, was very cool. and loud. i got back to my tent and i could still hear them as if i was still in the tent. will definitely make an effort to catch more of their of their shows in cape town.

and that was the end of day one. as uncomfortable as sleeping on the ground is, i slept like a rock.

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