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Title: Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged
Artist: As Cities Burn
Album: Son i loved you at your darkest
Year: 2005

Well, I’ve got a will but I want yours
I’ve got a growing heap of crosses and burdens
I’ve simply lost heart to shoulder
simply no strength to lift
I’ve always been a man in need
‘cause I keep stepping in and out of the shadow

caught by the drift and pitch of whatever it is
that keeps me coming back
I want out
‘cause I’m getting sick
sick from all this swerving
driver, sick from turning on you

someone show me a hole in this cycle
show me the way away and I’m coming back
the way I came
no! I’ve seen this place before
surely this is no place for the light of this world

oh how sweet the sound
I know it saved but is it changing a wretch like me
oh my God how sweet is the sound
I once was blind but now I just look away

my bride, I don’t want to know what I’d be without
forgiveness brushing these adulterous lips


Posted on: August 10, 2009

Title: Clouds
Artist: As Cities Burn
Album: Come Now Sleep
Year: 2007

Is your love really love
Is my love really love
I think love isn’t love
Unless it’s love to the end

Is your god really God
Is my god really God
I think our god isn’t God
If he fits inside our heads

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