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“Langebaan. Memories being made. I won’t remember any of them…but they’re being made nonetheless.” I tweeted that sometime on Friday October 28th, 2011.

Firstly, don’t ask me what I meant by “I won’t remember any of them”…what happens in Langebaan, stays in Langebaan…lol.

Anyway, me and 11 other people rented a 6 bedroom/12 person sleeper beach house in Langebaan for the weekend. It was ridiculously fun. Spa treatments, boat cruises, quad biking, paintballing, golf, swimming – pool & ocean, and soooo much food. Most of the pictures I can’t put out for fear of breaking the “what happens in Langebaan…” rule. But here’s a few, in no particular order…

We came back from L on a Sunday and headed to Primi Piatti were we had a 3 1/2 hour dinner. It’s like none of us actually wanted to admit that the weekend was over.

When I got home that evening I tweeted this: “Too blessed! If I ever complain about my life, please remind me of this weekend. I really have been blessed with some awesome friends!” and I meant every word.

Thank you Lord for good friends, good weekends, and for my life.

there are different types of crushes. there’s the usual that, you know, they write songs about and it’s all cute and stuff. i always have at least one of those going at any given time. i think it’s a good thing. keeps your heart in shape while “waiting for mr right”. lol!

then there’s the respect kind of crush. like guys will have a man crush on an athlete or on that guy across the street who can fix anything and stuff. i think for girls – i could be wrong – it’s usually that girl who’s got it all…the one who seems to, not breeze thru life as such, but do life…and do it well. i mean i know everyone has their thing – their demons that they fight, their bad days, their own insecuries – but there are some people who just seem to have it together. i envy those people.

anyway, one of my woman crushes is brooke davis from th series one tree hill. like, that chick seriously has it all. ok, maybe her love life is usually not that great (oh dear lucas, i had such high hopes for you), and her relationship with her mother was not great, and there was that time when she went poor but still had to act rich to keep up appearances, and then there’s the whole not being allowed to adopt thing, and then most recently the not being able to have kids thing…ok, so i guess her life is really not that great…but the way she handles it all – that’s what i love about brooke. she always comes out fighting. her attitude towards life…she accepts what is, takes charge, and turns it to good – granted, she doesn’t always do it in the best way possible. but she lives!

and yes, i get that she’s just a character and not a real person and all that. but still…woman crush!

the other woman crush i wanna talk about is a real person that i actually got to meet once…i’ve also written about that experience. her name is cassan ferguson. as i said, i only met her once for like a second but i do follow her twitter and her tumblr, and yes i know that’s not really knowing somebody and i don’t claim to know her, but from her online persona she seems like she’s just one of those people who are full of life, you know. like, she’s so tiny – seriously, she’s shorter than me, which is really saying something, but it seems like she packs every inch of her shortness with energy. she has an eye for beauty and fashion and, well she’s married to one of the members of my fave south african band so we know she’s got good taste in music:). her tumblr is super encouraging and the verses and thoughts she leaves on there almost always speak to me in a very real way. also, she works with kids, which means she’s super patient.

when i grow up, i totally want to be like cassan. wait, i wonder if it’s short for cassandra? i had a bad experience with someone named cassandra when i was younger…hmmm…

[disclaimer: i do not stalk people, i swear, twitter just gives too much information to total strangers i think]

i have a bunch of other women that i wholly respect. women who are genuinely awesome, the kind that i look at and think “wow, how does she do it?”. there really is too many to mention but i would just like to list my divas and role modelsπŸ˜‰ Nono, Tando, Asanda…these girls have carried me through crap way too many times and they always inspire me to be better…at everything. love y’all too much.

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