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I get to see Russell Brand’s comedy live in a few weeks, so thought I should jot down some of my favorite quotes of his…enjoy.


“Turns out it was mostly a lie. But, at least for a short while, it was a beautiful one.” – Russell Brand

“I regret that I didn’t realize that actually they’ve got no power over you at school — it’s all just a trick to indoctrinate you into being a conditioned, tame, placid citizen. Rebel, children, I urge you, fight the turgid slick of conformity with which they seek to smother your glory.” – Russell Brand

“Perhaps if we could popularise through the techniques of branding and consumerism, a different idea, a different narrative, perhaps the world can change. After all it changes constantly and incessantly, it’s just the perceptions that we have are governed by people with self-interest and are not inalignment with the health and safety of us as individuals or as a planet.” – Russell Brand

“God is in the mountains. Impassive, immovable, jagged giants, separating the celestial from the terrestrial with eternal diagonal certainty. As if silently monitoring the beating heart of the creator from the universe’s perfect birth. Stood in the thin air and the awe, one inhales God, involuntarily acknowledging that we are but fragments of a whole, a higher thing. The mountains remind me of my place, as a servant to truth and wonder. Yes, God is in the mountains. Perhaps the pulpit too and even in the piety of an atheist’s sigh. I don’t know; but I feel him in the mountains.” – Russell Brand

“If love is something you cherish, it is hard to glean much joy from death, even in one’s enemies.” – Russell Brand

went to go see rihanna last night and it was awesome.

don’t get me wrong, i realize rihanna is not a musician, and she’s not a singer, but she is an entertainer.

and damn did she entertain.

there we were –

blacks, whites, coloureds, indians, asians…

straight, gay, lesbian, bi, unsure, hipster…

for one night, we were all queens…

we were all ratchet.

we were together.

and all was right with the world

it was a brilliant night, and i would do it all over again!



Today will be my last post for 2011. The siblings are in town, and therefore I’m spending more time laughing my head off and less time reading and writing. Ok, that’s not the real reason, I’m just already in holiday mode…the brain is slowly shutting down…

2011 has been amazing in so many ways. Can’t say it’s been the best year yet, but it’s been great. I am thankful for all the awesome opportunities I’ve been given this year.


1. Bound – what an experience. That might be the only best acress award I ever get so gotta savour it.

2. Bravery…don’t think I wanna elaborate on there, but yes, worth it.

3. Musicality – including taking a pic with Deon Meiring and Bouwer Bosch. And rocking the daisies. Live Music FTW!

4. Moving back to Cape Town…although I miss Stellenbosch, I felt it was time for a change.

5. Writing – couple of short stories (which might never see the light of day), entering a music writing comp (didn’t win, but i entered…), and the new…uhm…writing exercise I mentioned last week

6. Friends – old, new, and langebaan adventures.

7. God; Love. Truth. Faithfulness.

So cheers to 2011. And here’s to 2012, and hoping the world doesn’t end, cos man, life is good! And the living is easy…:)

See you next year.

This post is part of a weekly worship blog carnival, so do stop by the worship community for more setlists and sermon recaps from around the world…


I went to cape town this weekend to go visit my mom so was not at the morning service. I did however visit the Hillsong church in cape town and it was awesome. I had a bit of a mishap with the trains trying to make it back to Cape Town for practice and almost missed church but I did make it in time, thank God.


O come let us adore Him (John Wade/John Reading)
How great is our God – Brad Klynsmith
Wholly yours – David Crowder* Band
You said – Reuben Morgan
Jesus, we enthrone you – Paul Kyle
When I survey – Chris Tomlin version

Kevin was leading today, and it went a lot better than last week team wise. We had a smaller team though, 1 bass, 1 drummer, 1 guitarist, 2 vocals.

For the next six weeks we will be going through the six pillars – or main values – enGAGE stands on. Today was the second one – “Growing in Community”.

The main text was on Genesis 27: 1 – 40 as a picture of how community does not work, and Acts 2: 42 – 47 and 4: 32 – 35 as a picture of how community does work. We then broke up into different groups and discussed community with a focus on different verses.

My group looked at Romans 12:16, 1 Corinthians 1: 10, 1 Thessalonians 5: 13, and 1 Peter 3: 8 and then discussed how we as a church could better live out community. And then we ended the services by praying for each other – lots of stuff about family came up in the prayer session…

Afterwards, as usual, we went to Gino’s for dinner and each of the girls got a rose for St. Valentine’s day…awww…sweet -thanks Dom!

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