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Evening service

Our God is an awesome God – Rich Mullens
Our God reigns – Delirious?
For who you are – Marty Sampson
Glory – Rueben Morgan
I could sing of your love forever – Martin Smith
Hallelujah (Your love is amazing) – Brenton Brown
Take my life – Frances Havergal, Louis Hérold, Chris Tomlin
Awesome God (Your voice is) – Vicky Beeching

Ronel led worship. Small group today. When the service started we had about 6 people in the congregation and at the end we had about 10 – but it was a good service nonetheless.

Chris the pastor gave the preach today on Jesus the Way – all about how, as important as it is to think about what Jesus would do (WWJD), it is also important to think about how he would do it (HWJDI). He used the story of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin and the crew going to the North Pole and related that to how sometimes we see heaven as the end point but we don’t think about the journey there and how Jesus is the way and he has shown us the way to go. And he also touched on discernment and testing the spirits: we need to know that the way we are following is actually God’s cos sometimes we can follow a way that “seems” good, but it’s not God’s will and stuff.

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Come now is the time to worship (Brian Doerkson)
Alles vir my (Afrikaans) (Retief Burger)
Dula le rona (Sotho) (Paul Mpete)
Desert song (Brooke Fraser)
Give us clean hands (Chris Tomlin)
All who are thirsty (Brenton Brown/Glenn Robertson)
How deep the father’s love for us (Stuart Townend)

Firstly let me start by saying how much I love the fact that I live in a country with 11 official language…and how much I love going to a church that realises that and attempts to worship in different languages!

Ronel led worship this morning – was cool having the evening guys leading in the morning service…well, i thought it was cool. Morning service crowd has quite a different vibe from the evening service crowd so it’s very cool for me whenever we do stuff in the morning or when the morning service people visit the evening service.

Speaking of different people doing stuff together, Chris (the pastor) spoke on the church of Acts (chapter 2) in his series of church being community. He talked on unity in diversity…so basically people who are different coming together as one. The term used in the old testament for the trinity is also the term used in the whole the man shall leave his mother and cleave to his wife and the two shall become one…how cool is that. As the church that is the picture we are supposed to present…different people from different backrounds/ethinicities/tribes/tongues/etc coming together to praise and worship him in our togetherness…living together, sharing together, praying together, showing the world real unity/peace/love…

The vineyard church is very big on the theme of “everyone gets to play”…basically, we have pastors and leaders and etc but everyone is gifted in some way and everyone has a role to play in the church…the pastor has his part and each congregant has their part…if one person doesn’t do his part, we all hurt as the church.

Chris also touched on the church of acts vs the church in Paul’s letters. He talked about how the church in Acts was how it was the intended model (Acts 2: 42ff) and the church in Paul’s letters was the remedial model…the one that God allows because we live in a falled world and get things wrong and etc…and there’s a place for both…but sometimes we get so comfortable and dependent on the remedy that we can’t get back to normal…let’s leave the remedy and get back to health…to realising that church is not the building…we are the church…we are all part of the priesthood…we all have a part to play.


For the evening service we had planned to go to the beach and have a jam sesion picnic there but the wind forced us to change our plans. We ended up going to play bingo at a local pub/bar/place and then after that we went to Brett and Val’s place and had game night with crumpets…and lots and lots of laughs…

Love my church family!

Your name is holy (You are the sovereign I AM) (Brian Doerkson)
Better is one day (Matt Redman)
Facedown (Matt Redman)
I love your presence (Darren Clark/ Jessie Lane)

I am a huge fan of God moments. This morning Chris “the pastor” was supposed to speak on community…he’s doing a whole series on it…but then God took over the service and did His own thing. Chris went up during announcements and (while shaking) told the congregation how angry he was about how Christians are ok with settling. He said he was angry with himself and us about how we settle and we grow comfortable with sin in our lives…we compromise…we work on the stuff that others can see, but the internal stuff (pride, holding on to hurts, unforgiveness, etc) we just let fester and we don’t deal with it. He was so angry he decided to take a moment to cool off. Brett went to up and he was supposed to go do announcements about youth stuff but then he ended up giving a 15 minute mini-preach about how we have compromised and accepted the world’s view of relationships. Stats say that the divorce rate between Christian couples and non-Christian couples is exactly the same…yet we as Christians know that marriage is an earthly example of Christ’s relationship with the Church…so what are we saying about our relationship with Christ? Are we displaying the love of Christ?

One topic that has been discussed a lot this past week by Brett and Val is little comments that, although they are meant as jokes, they are very likely to cause “problems” in marriages. For example, people who refer to their wives as “the old ball and chain” or something similar…if my (possible future) husband called me that, it would hurt and I don’t think it would be displaying his love to me, which might lead me to become less amped about loving him. Also, what picture are you presenting to the young men around you who may be thinking about marriage? And yes it’s a joke, and it may be funny, but it may also cause hurt. Marriage is a beautiful thing (picture), but if we keep tearing at it and making fun of it, it may lose it’s significance, it’s beauty, it’s meaning…and that, inho, is one of the main causes of divorces today.

Evening service is taking on a different look as most of the students have finished for the year and have gone home…so it looks less like a service and more like a gathering – no music, no formal preach, just a “hey let’s get together and worship differently”… We had around 15 people tonight and we sat in a circle and pretty much discussed the issue of building each other up and blessing each other instead of ripping into each other and making those jokes that may seem innocent but may also break the other person down unintentionally…so basically continuing the morning’s talk but with a focus of us as a congregation rather than marriage context. We pretty much realised that course talk (Ephesians 5) can lead to hurt, e.g. if you make a joke about someone and they take it the wrong way. And also, even if the other person takes it as a joke, if someone else walks by, not knowing the context of the joke or the relationship between the joker and the jokee, will the words of your mouth speak blessings or curses to them…will they see the love of Christ in your words?

So basically lesson of the day: watch what you say. Build each other up. Verbally bless one another.

Such a super awesome day!

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 I just found out last week, and was reminded again tonight, that a couple of the Vision k leaders have been stalking me online (hi Gerrit, hi Deane) which kinda makes me tempted to hide…like not really write what I really want to write…cos that’s what I do best, hide.  But as I said in the beginning I want this blog to be 100% honest so…let’s go.


 The very first time I went to Vineyard, I remember this guy going up to the front, taking off his shoes and then proceeding to tell us about his adventures of getting lost in the middle of the night and driving out to a town I don’t know how far past where he was actually going,and then he ran out of petrol, and then ending up sleeping in the lobby of some hotel.  Then someone else came up, read from the Afrikaans bible, then the dude came back up, read from the English bible and then went on to preach.  At this point I was like “wait…what?  THAT is the pastor?”  I later found out that he is the youth/student pastor of vineyard (Brett).

I went back to that church for the evening service because it was so different from the other churches I’d always attended.  It felt different.  The people I talked to afterwards seemed like…well…Christians. At the evening service another guy came up to me and introduced himself, asked a bit about me…and he seemed cool enough.  I didn’t go to the morning services a lot cos I would go to my family church in the mornings, but I still went back for the evening services.  A couple months down the line I visited the morning service  and found out that the cool guy who had introduced himself that first evening is the senior pastor of the church (Chris).

So this totally throws me for a spin.  At every church I’ve gone to before Vineyard, you could tell from a mile away who the pastor was.  Either because they have that special front row seat or because of how they dress (not in jeans and a t-shirt like Chris, or preaching barefooted like Brett).  There was always something that said, “I am your pastor, I am your leader.  Welcome to my church.”  What I got from Chris and Brett is “I am human, I am one of you, God is just using me to speak to you.”  I like that.

I sometimes think very religiously.  I’ve been seeing places in my life that are very religious and I’m trying to work on them now…hence the wanting to be less of a Christian and more of a Jesus follower.  I think that is one area of my life I do that…I judge people and try to put them in comfortable boxes so that they can fit my ideas of what I think they should be or how I think they should behave.  Sometimes when I talk to Brett I find myself thinking “Dude, you’re a pastor…you can’t say that”.  I find myself thinking “Dude, you are way too human to be a pastor”.  But that’s what pastors are right?  Human beings that God has called to teach/explain/preach/whatever, same as the rest of us…we are all instruments that God is using to reach someone else.

So yea, another area I need to work on…seeing people as people and not pre-judging them or trying to box them into some predefined notion of how *I* think they should be.


Off to Namibia on Friday – apparently leaving at 3 am.  So stoked.  Can’t wait.  Really need the time off from work and really wanting God to use me in someone’s life during the “mission-trip” and really expecting him to work big time in my heart and mind over the camp weekend.

Yay – just a few more days.

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