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sometimes when it rain it pours
not the good dance in the rain type
but the beat you down with hail one
one after the other they drag you down
they pull you down to the very depths
they drown you as wave after wave flows over you

they says when days are dark friends are few
but my friend i’m here for you
i might not know what to say
i may not be able to comfort you
i may not be able to tell you it will all work out
i may not be able to tell you when it will all end

but i am here with you
when you cry i cry
and it may not be much
it may not be what you were looking for
it may not be what you need right now
but i hope it counts for something

(for the telly-tubby)

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Evening service

O come let us adore Him – John Wade,John Reading
All who are thirsty – Brenton Brown, Glenn Robertson
Glory – Rueben Morgan
O praise him – David Crowder*Band
How great is our God – Brad Klynsmith
How great is our God – Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves and Ed Cash

Kev led. Acoustic set with just one guitar and a djembe.

Very few people tonight – next week is test week so students busy preparing.

Anyway, the preach was on friendships.

1. Discipling in a non-Christian context (go and make disciples of all nations)

2. Discipling in a Christian context (teaching them to obey everything i’ve taught them)

3. Mentorship – intentionally pouring into someone, and being poured into.


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