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I didn’t have a “things i like” post lined up for today, but while scouring the interwebs, I came across this post by Natalie Roos, which reminded me of this post from Katdish, and thought “hey, why not”. Let’s all remember how un-girly-girl I am before we start judging my bag, k?

Anyway,  without further adieu,  the contents of my bag:

Bag: No name brand from Identity

Pink  nail polish

Lip balm from Clicks

Eye liner from Woolworths

Mascara: 1 black and 1 white (lengthner) – Clinique

Pink lip gloss

Red lipstick

Tic tacs

Police Sunglasses

ID book

Allergy meds


Asthma pump


Mom’s house’s keys

My house’s keys

Work keys

Woolworths hand cream

Contact lense case

MP3 player

Nokia N97

Blackberry torch

Mini Moleskin

Roxy “wallet”

mp3-pc connector

Cell-C internet stick

usb stick

memory card adapter

head phones

phone-pc connector

How I fit all that in there, I don't know...

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes.

I’m such a girl when it comes to shoes. I love clothes, but I can control myself when it comes to shopping. My mom is always on my case about the fact that I only buy a couple of things at a time and wear them till they are unwearable…but when it comes to shoes, all self-control goes out the door.

My favorite lables:

Aldo - *Drooling for days*

For the sk8r girl in me

Most comfortable pair I've ever owned


Ok, here’s one more link to lust over…you’re welcome😉

You wouldn’t think it by looking at me, but I love jewelery. And I own a lot of it. Ranging from cheap, plastic, pretty stuff, to less cheap, pretty stuff.

Here are some stuff I own.

This chick named Jessica started following me on twitter, and I checked out her blog and discovered this awesomeness…


My heart's not broken, just separated

I have a feeling Faddy would love this

Currently I mostly only wear one ring on my finger…like all the time…seriously, I never remove it, but now I’m looking to upgrade it…maybe I’ll pick myself up something from the her store…

Check out even more awesomeness here and do visit her Etsy store.

You’re welcome😉

This is not a paid for advertisement.

The owner of this shop/stuff doesn’t even know I’m doing this.

But I saw these and fell in love.

If you ever feel like buying me a little prezzie, I wouldn’t mind

the infinite dress,

So pretty

the corset-style belt,

I want!

the convertible cardi wrap,

I need you in my life!!!

the…you know what, just buy me ANYTHING on this site and I’ll love you forever.

Check out even more awesomeness here

You’re welcome😉

i don’t believe in biblical gender roles – i mean, i don’t believe that the bible actually says that men should bring home the bacon and women should fry it (mmmm…bacon…). i don’t believe that men should go out and do the 9 – 5 thing while women stay home and do the barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen thing. [which reminds me of a joke: a woman got hit by a train? whoa! what the heck was a train doing in the kitchen?…lol] clearly i’m not a feminist because i find that joke funny.

so ok, i don’t believe that there are things that i can’t do because i’m a girl, however, if i’m walking with a guy and i’m carrying heavy stuff and he’s not and he doesn’t offer to help, i lose a few degrees of respect for him. i’ve been known to get guys to carry stuff for me because “i’m a girl”…not because i can’t do it, i know i can…and if none of my guy friends are around or they are but they are not willing to help, i totally do it myself.

i hate cooking and cleaning and laundry and all that domestic stuff that are considered womenly duties…not because they are womenly duties, but just because i don’t enjoy them. however, one day when…if…i get married, i would gladly take them on – with the help of my husband of course – not because i feel that they are womenly duties, but because they are service duties and my role in the marriage will be to serve my husband. and i expect him to be responsible for the heavy lifting and for the lawnmowing and for the fixing of things(or calling of someone to fix said things) around the house – not because they are manly duties, but because i’m kinda physically weak and i hate lifting heavy things and they are service duties and that’s how he will serve me. having said that, i would be so amped if my husband could cook – i love food, and i can cook edible food – but it’s not mouth-watering-oh-my-gosh-can-i-have-a-seventh-helping-of-that, so it would help loads if he had chef like qualities.

so i guess i do buy into societal gender roles, but i don’t believe these roles are biblical as some people say. i mean, look at that proverbs 31 chick. she cooks, cleans, does yard work, runs a business going, raises kids…pretty much does EVERYTHING. you can’t box her into a gender role. i think the floor is open, and you can do whatever you want to do that you are able to do. and i think that is the fundamentals of feminism – the right to choose – but it has been turned into a competition with the male species thing, which i’m not too keen on.

so basically, what i’m trying to say is: i adore the colour pink, i love wearing pretty dresses and heels and getting all dressed up, i love being made to feel like a princess. i also love the comfort of sweats and an oversized hoodie, i love playing sports, i hate shaving my legs and sometimes i just don’t feel like combing my hair. i think it’s cute when a guy cries while watching a movie, i think it’s weird when a guy cries because i accidently bumped into him and it hurt(given that the guy is above 16 years old), i think it’s wrong when a guy feels he is too manly to ever cry. i think it’s cute when a guy cooks a romantic dinner for you, i find it weird when a guy stays home and does the cooking/cleaning/child-raising and the wife works a 9 – 5 (i know it happens, i don’t think it is wrong, i don’t judge anyone who does so – i don’t think it makes you less manly, i’ve just been raised in a different culture therefore i still finding it a bit…different – so weird different, not weird whatthefreak), i think it is wrong when the man never helps out around the house even when his wife is worn out from her work because it is “women-work”. i think it’s cute when a dude has guys over and they are watching a rugby game and his wife brings them little triangle sandwiches and chips and beers, i think it’s awesome when a guy and his wife and his friends and their wives are watching the rugby game together and whoever wants more stuff gets up and goes to the kitchen and brings for everyone else, i hated it growing up when my mom would call me and my sister into the kitchen making me leave the game to go help make sunday lunch and my dad and brother would get to sit and enjoy the game.

i believe in chivalry – guys opening doors, helping you carry heavy stuff, etc. but i don’t believe in girls acting weak and helpless to seem more “feminine” – this might seem contradictory to what i said before about guys helping me carry heavy stuff so let me clear it up a bit: i don’t believe in ACTING weak and helpless, i believe in guys offering to help; i don’t pretend that i can’t carry heavy stuff, i prefer that the guy carry the heavy stuff; i’m all for girls doing it all for themselves, i just choose to not do it all myself. i don’t believe a beauty pagent winner is more feminine than a tom-boy. i believe in choice…i believe in being who you want to be – who you feel more comfortable being. i choose to let guys do the heavy lifting, you choose to do the heavy lifting yourself…different strokes!


Posted on: September 1, 2009

As I said in my setlist post, this past weekend i went to a young women’s conference called KNOWN. It was so awesomtastic. From what I gathered from the talks and workshops and stuff, the conference theme was about knowing your true worth.

The conference was for girls aged 16 – 23. I went as a volunteer to help with serving during coffee breaks and stufff. Anyway, in between the serving we got to attend the sessions but I only went on one of the two days and I got there late on that day so I only attended 2 sessions.

The first one started out kinda bleh for me cos it was all on make-up tips and stuff – the lady who gave it is a make-up artist. Anyway, I don’t wear make-up so I was feeling kinda like it’s poitless to be there. Then after the make-up tips she played this song called “Save Yourself” by Sense Field…beautiful…awesome…wow. She then went on to talk about inner beauty, about self control and saving yourself, about how instead of relying on boyfriends we should be relying on God for our self-esteem/to tell us who we are, about how the only person who should define who we are is God, about how in our singleness instead of looking for Mr Right we should be working on being Mrs Right…wow again!

The second session I attended was by the main speaker of the conference. She started off by talking about the labels that get put on us and the labels we put on ourselves. for instance when you introduce yourself to someone you talk about stuff like your job, your marrital status, whether you are mother or not…stuff like that which don’t really say who you are…more what you do. And so we use these labels on ourselves and others and they end up defining who we are to the world. But the beauty of God is, he doesn’t label us and put us in boxes – because he knows who we really are…he created us…he loves us despite the labels we put on ourselves. She then used the story of the woman caught in adultery and showed how God shows grace first (“neither do i condemn you”) and then through that grace and love gives us direction (“go and sin no more”). She ended the talk by pointing out that change is a process. Learning to see yourself through God’s eyes is not something that’s gonna happen overnight. It takes time…it takes desire/passion…it’s a process…so don’t be discouraged if you don’t wake up feeling like a princess tomorrow. Believe that you are a princess, dare to live like one, and it will get easier as time passes to see yourself as one.

At the end of the talk this guy comes up and talks on behalf of guys – friends, boyfriends, ex’s, etc – and apologises for a whole lot of stuff. Then someone came up and apologised on behalf of chick friends – back stabbings, jealousy, etc. Then someone came and talked on behalf of mothers. Then someone came and talked on behalf of siblings. Then someone came and talked on behalf of fathers. Then gave us a blessing from The Father. At this point I was broken…sitting at the foot of the cross…being loved…and loving being known…loving being loved despite being known!

Mary Magdeline the second.

I didn’t go to TBV’s workshop, but from what I heard it was about judging others, and judging yourself – comparing yourself to others. Basically the whole labeling thing. If you get a certain label thrown at you a lot – sweet but quiet, shy but nice – that’s who you become. I know that one from personal experience. The more you are told you are shy, the more you become shy…because they all can’t be wrong right…Also, on the judging bit, we look at movie stars and celebrities and we classify them – she’s beautiful, he’s handsome, she’s clever, she’s successful – and we use them as standards, so because I’m not Angelina Jolie, I’m not beautiful; because I’m not Oprah, I’m not successful…etc. We do that with people around us as well, especially as girls. When really we should be looking at God to define that stuff for us. God uses me to bring himself glory – therefore I’m successful. God loves me, therefore I’m worthy of love. God calls me his and wants to be with me, therefore I’m desirable. God calls me beautiful, therefore I am beautiful.

I know this super awesome chick. I mean this chick is confident and smart and funny and wow. One of my favorite quotes ever is by her – “the guy that ends up with me is pretty damn blessed”…bam! Anyway, at the conference, after the last session she comes up and asks me to pray for her because she likes this guy and well, she’s friends with the guy and with the guy’s ex (they broke up on good terms so they are still friends). Anyway, the guy doesn’t feel the same way about her. So now everytime she’s around the guy’s ex she compares herself to her…like why her and not me…she’s prettier than me, that’s why…she’s smarter than me, that’s why…she’s this and i’m not…she’s that and i’m not…which sucks, cos as I said this chick is so awesome. And I know what she’s going through cos I’ve been there. I’ve lived there. Because I’m a girl…because we are girls, we do that…constantly compare ourselves to others and belittle ourselves. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!

Anyway, dude, I was so blessed by this conference. I was so blessed by the stories that were shared. I was so blessed by the young women I met. I was so blessed by the way God just showed up and reminded me who I am and how much he loves me!

I am known! And I am blessed!

there are a few people that have played a major role in my life the last year and a half and now i have to say goodbye to them…and it’s tough… i’ve been crying like a little girl all day because of it.  i’m an emotional wreck right now…i’ve been emotional pretty much for weeks now, since i found out that MAJ and EU are leaving, but today just kinda drove me off the edge.  i was crying…in public…people saw me cry…to get the significance of that, you kinda have to know me well…i don’t cry in front of people – it’s just not me.

i don’t mind crying in my room when i’m by myself watching a sad movie or whatever, but not in front of people…that just causes awkwardness…no one needs that.

anyway, this blog is dedicated to the people from work who will be leaving us…

JdP -> really didn’t know you very well…I probably should have tried to get to know you…you seemed like a nice guy…and funny…you were always laughing with the other guys from your department.  and you offered me a lift to lunch a couple of times so yea, you seem nice.  so farewell dude, and goodluck with your future endevours.

UI -> uhm…yea…my lift club member…and car owner. thanks for everything.  glad i got to meet you and work with you.  thanks for your helpfulness and kindness and everything.  you are super great.  wishing you all the best in life cos you totally deserve it. may God truly bless you.

FS -> well, obviously this is not goodbye…you can’t get rid of me that easily.  thanks for being a friend chick…i’m gonna miss you so much…gonna miss having someone as crazy as i am.  i’m so gonna miss our talks and your advice and just having someone there to talk to and skype chat to and gossip with…it’s been great…you truly were (and still are) a blessing.  thank you so much for your friendship. you are a God-sent.  stay on fire for Him.

MAJ -> you are definitely the best manager i have ever had (and no you are not the only one, i did have a manager when i did my internship and when i worked at McDonald’s…hee hee).  anyway, i learned so much from you…thank you so much for the time and effort you put into getting me to where i am…and your readiness to always encourage me and help me out when i’m at my wit’s end and i feel like giving up (checklists…ha ha).  you are so super patient (especially when trying to explain stuff over skype…that was a mission and a half) and so super nice and just an all around great person and i can’t help but wish you well in your new job…and i’m really glad that you will still be around…even if it’s not that much…at least i won’t feel like i’m all alone.

EU -> uhm…ha ha…you are funny…weirdly funny (weird is a compliment for me so don’t take it negatively).  seriously dude, it’s been so great working with you, even though we didn’t really talk that much or whatever, but thank you for your willingness to help me with everything from “uhm…E…can you help me out with my pc…i don’t know what’s wrong with it” to  “uhm…E…can you help open this bottle” (i’m a girl i can’t help it)…and i get that you are not the most extroverted person ever, but you do have this super awesome personality and you are a great guy and you have like this super intelligent brain…like seriously, if i thought and read as much as you do i’d go crazy, but you seem to enjoy that stuff and that’s really cool…and you are so totally cool when you let people in…even if it’s just a little bit…like letting me into your musical world…weird music, but good music…kinda like you (hee hee).  thanks for being a huge part of my journey in the last 1 1/2 years.  and i know i’m gonna still see you so it’s all good…but yea, keep being you – it suits you! Oh, and i wanted to tell you (always chickened out though cos i’m not that extroverted either), pink really suits you…i know it’s like the in thing right now and all the guys are doing it, but it really doesn’t look good on everyone…but it does on you…seriously. no, i’m not hitting on you or anything (ha ha).

Well, you guys will be greatly missed…seriously, may God bless you as you have been a blessing to me.

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