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April 4th…Aries…


As a kid I used to have major birthday parties…as an adult, not so much. But here I stand, 30 years in the making…


This year I had a VERY understated celebration…simple dinner with a friend , then drinks and dancing and taste of Cape Town with another friend.


I also had lunch with my mom in Cape Town and dinner with the siblings and my dad in PE…


There was also more drinks and dancing with the siblings… (Can’t believe my younger siblings are old enough to go clubbing and drinking, but alas…)


Beach visits are a must while in PE obvs…


Summer also decided to make a comeback, which I took full advantage of…and I also played Cape Town tourist…




So here I stand, 30 years of life…looking forward to the next 30!


So now I bid good night to a beautiful month…


Thank you, birthday month. You have been awesome!


You know the saying: “live everyday like it’s your last, cos one day you’ll be right”. People like saying that, but it’s pretty impossible to live your whole life like it’s your last day on earth. To be honest, if I knew for certain that this was my last day on earth I would not be spending it sitting behind a computer on such a lonely day (or even a bad day). I’d love to say that I would spend the day with loved ones letting them know that I love and appreciate them…and maybe I would do that for like the first half of the day. The second half – depending on the weather – would either be spent doing all the things I’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage to do (ie bungee jumping, sky diving, ect) cos if something goes wrong and I die…oh well, saved me a couple of hours of waiting, or if I lose a limb – being armless for a couple of hours is kinds worth it. If it’s an overcast, gloomy day, I might spend it in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine reminiscing over the life I had. Maybe shed a tear or two. Maybe dance in the rain, cos I’m not afraid of catching a cold. Anyway…

The thing is though, I can’t live like that. I spend my days in front of a pc eight hours a day because I know tomorrow is coming. And I know tomorrow I will need food and clothing and this weekend I’m gonna want macaroons and truth coffee, and next week there’s a gig I want to see, etc. You can’t live everyday like it’s your last. But you can live everyday to the full.

Be happy. Be happy. Be happy. Yes, you work 8 hours, but hopefully you love your job and it brings you fulfilment and makes you happy. But if you don’t like your job, then find something in it you do love – the people you work with, the change you’re making in the world, etc. If you really can’t find one thing you love about it, quit. Find something else that’s not gonna eat at your soul. Find something you love doing after work so you’ll have something to look forward to at the end of the day. Don’t let a day go by wasted. Find something to laugh about every day. Just DON’T hate your life.

Be happy. I implore you.

The bible says that Christ came to give us life in abundance…not when his kingdom comes, but in the now. In the here. Live in abundance. Love everyday you are alive.

I don’t always get this whole loving your life thing right. But trust me when I say a day never goes by without me laughing. The sun never sets without me doing something I absolutely love – or at the very least eating something super unhealthy that my body is seriously craving – worry about those calories later, enjoy your meal in the moment.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not preaching over-indulgence and selfishness. That thing you love could be helping others – doing something you love that will benefit others.

I need to do more of this. Living. And loving life.


on the whole laughing everyday thing: last week was probably the worst week of my life. everything was just kinda falling apart around me. work stuff, home stuff, friend stuff…and through it all I found things to laugh about. and i think that saved my sanity. i think i would have completely lost it if hadn’t laughed through it. i’m beyond grateful for the gift of laughter – that God gave me the ability to laugh at the smallest of things.

i’m still going through stuff right now, so your thoughts and prayers would be muchly appreciated.

Oh, and happy Valentine’s day y’all! LOVE:)

“Langebaan. Memories being made. I won’t remember any of them…but they’re being made nonetheless.” I tweeted that sometime on Friday October 28th, 2011.

Firstly, don’t ask me what I meant by “I won’t remember any of them”…what happens in Langebaan, stays in Langebaan…lol.

Anyway, me and 11 other people rented a 6 bedroom/12 person sleeper beach house in Langebaan for the weekend. It was ridiculously fun. Spa treatments, boat cruises, quad biking, paintballing, golf, swimming – pool & ocean, and soooo much food. Most of the pictures I can’t put out for fear of breaking the “what happens in Langebaan…” rule. But here’s a few, in no particular order…

We came back from L on a Sunday and headed to Primi Piatti were we had a 3 1/2 hour dinner. It’s like none of us actually wanted to admit that the weekend was over.

When I got home that evening I tweeted this: “Too blessed! If I ever complain about my life, please remind me of this weekend. I really have been blessed with some awesome friends!” and I meant every word.

Thank you Lord for good friends, good weekends, and for my life.

my dad: “so after 27 years of life what advice would you give to…for instance…your younger siblings?”
me: “life’s short, enjoy it”
my day: “hmmm…i don’t know about that…54 years…i wouldn’t say it’s short”
me: “yea, but have you enjoyed those 54 years?”
my day: “no. i wouldn’t say i’ve enjoyed them, but i don’t regret anything. do you have any regrets?”
me: “nope…but then it’s only been 27 years”

it’s weird how people want different things out of life. my dad and i don’t have the best of relationships. in fact, the conversation above took place when he took me to dinner on my 27th birthday. i spent the day hoping that something would come up – like work he totally needed to finish that night – and he would cancel and we wouldn’t have to go to dinner. i’ve never really spent that much one-on-one time with my dad, and the few real conversations we’ve had ended really badly – with me in tears pretty much hating him, so the prospect of a whole evening with him was not a happy thought. and i think the reason we haven’t gotten along and we fight so much is because we are very different people with very different goals in life.

my dad is the ultimate academic. he’s pretty much had his head in his books his whole life. he started working as a teacher when he was still in high school. i don’t know how that happened but it did. after high school he would work one year and then go to college for a year then work one year etc until he got his masters, then he got a scholarship to go to the US and do his doctrate. after getting his phd at age 42 (yep it took him that long, but he was determined), he went back to university as a lecturer, he still works for a university today.

i, on the other hand, got my 3 year degree and decided that was enough schooling for me. i find i learn better when i’m actually doing something rather than when i’m told about it. i find research boring…i’d rather work on a problem myself until i get it right than read up on it – not always the fastest method of getting things done.

my dad’s goal in life is to succeed. he sets himself little goals and works at them with drive and determination until he’s conquered them. he’s also a bit of a perfectionist. i think growing up in poverty also had a major contribution to his definition of success. he grew up with nothing, so he wanted to provide for his family so they don’t go without. don’t get me wrong, he didn’t spoil us, he expects us to work hard as well to get what we want out of life – nothing on a silver platter mentality – but he’s worked hard his whole life just so that he would be able to support us financially if he needed to.

my goal in life is to enjoy it. i personally think the best way to show God that i’m thankful for the life he’s given me is to live that life and enjoy it. don’t get me wrong, i’m not talking about partying every night and being selfish and not caring about others and such, i’m talking about being happy…i’m talking about making sure that when i’m on my death bed i don’t look back and think “i should have”. i mean live life to the full. and for me that’s not found in books or material wealth. it’s found in music, and friends, and laughter. and so that’s my goal – love my friends, laugh a lot, make/enjoy music.

i admire my dad. i admire his determination and how he worked hard to get to where he is. i love that he doesn’t have any regrets. but, quite obviously, i am not my dad.

and to end this on a happier note, the dinner went so very well. it was actually a very good evening. i immediately went home and called my sister to tell her how much i enjoyed it and she breathed a sigh of relief cos she also thought it would be a disaster…sheesh…

i’m not gonna think of the pain to follow
i’m not gonna think about the crash to come
i’ve been given this moment to enjoy

i’m not gonna think about the impending doom
all the negative possibilities that could be
i’ve been given this moment and i’ll rejoice

for once i feel like the world’s on my side
for once i feel like i don’t need to be in a fight
the birds are singing, the sky is blue
for once i feel like i can run to you

for once i don’t feel like my sin’s too much for you
for once i feel like all that talk about love is true
i wanna sit here at your feet, marvel at your sight
for once i don’t feel like i need to hide

for once i feel like i’m your own
for once i feel like i have no reason to moan
for once i feel like when i laugh you laugh
right now i believe that the cross is enough

i know i’ll mess up again
i know i’ll wake up someday and feel different
i know i’m not worth to be here with you
and that is why i rejoice
thank you for giving me this moment
thank you for giving me this season
when i can sit and just be happy in you
a season of rejoicing in you

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