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i got home at around 1am this morning after my friend Ronel’s birthday party thinking “well, at least I don’t have to go to morning service tomorrow so i can just sleep in”…then at 1:30 am i get an sms/text msg from Ronel asking if i could help out with leading worship for children’s church and i said i would. but i figured it would be fine cos it’s probably just going to be some little kiddies songs so we don’t need to practice or whatever. so i got to church 5 minutes before the service starts and the following conversation ensued:

Ron(el): “yay, so happy to see you…i’m so glad you’re here”
Tsholo: “oh…uhm…ok”
Ron: “crisis…uhm, the person who was supposed to lead worship this morning just called to say she can’t do it cos she’s sick…and all the other leaders are sick and the band didn’t show…some kinda miscommunication”
Tsholo: “oh…uhm…ok”
Ron: “so i showed up to do music for children’s church and Chris just asked me to sing…but i have a cold and my voice is gone…and terry is going to play keyboards and sing but she doesn’t know one of the songs”
Tsholo: “oh…uhm…ok”
Ron: “so will you lead that one song?”
Tsholo: “oh! uhm! oh!”
Ron: “we really don’t have another choice”
Tsholo: “uhm…ok”

so that’s how i got roped into singing this morning 5 minutes before the service started. we just did 3 songs though so not too bad.

Lord I lift your name on high (Rick Founds)
How great is our God (Chris Tomlin)
Be lifted up (Paul Oakley)

Then afterwards we went and did worship for the children’s church.

For the evening service we had open mic night – basically celebrating the gifts and talents God has given us. There was poetry, singing, photography displays, magic tricks, and all sorts of awesomeness. I sang…eek…a solo. When I sing in worship it’s different cos people are focusing on God and not me…tonight all eyes were on me and it was the most nerve-wrecking thing in the world and my voice just shook the whole way through…so scary…but at least I did it. Yayness.


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