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…or thoughts inspired by arisefest…

i had a brilliant time at arisefest…seriously, too awesome. brett wrote a reflection piece on it here…which reminded me of a tweet i had seen a couple days after the fest.

the artist brett was talking about on his blog said something to the effect of “last year i got kicked off the stage, and this year the same thing happened again” when he was told that he was going over his time. someone in the audience then tweeted something like “i can’t believe their kicking [artist] off but they didn’t kick anyone else off” – like they were specifically targetting this artist…which was not true, cos i saw A LOT of bands being given the “5 minutes left, one last song” signal.

also, from the perspective of the organisers, it must be very frustrating to have someone go over their time allotment…and i’m sure it doesn’t feel good to have to be the one to tell someone to leave the stage. but you have other bands that are there to play, and you want to be fair to everyone – give everyone their space to play, cos i mean there’s a reason you asked them to play in the first place right…

but from the perspective of the audience, you always want your favorite artist to play longer, to play all your favorite songs. you don’t think about all the other people who are there to listen to their favorite artists who have yet to come on stage.

i guess it all comes down to selfishness in a way. and i know music festivals are about having fun and enjoying yourself, but it is a Christian music festival, and if you call yourself a christian, at all times you should be dying to yourself and thinking of others more highly than yourself, right?

in conclusion, i know i’ve been the screaming fan in the audience yelling for one more song, so i have to apologise. and at the next arise i promise to try and see things from other people’s [especially the a-team’s, who did a fantastically amazingly brilliant job btw] perspective.

Ok, it looks like I’ve finally come to some sort of rhythm for this blog. here’s what it’s going to look like: monday – lyrics; tuesday – one word blog carnival/whatever is on my mind; wednesday – book excerpts/concert feedback; thursday – my stuff; friday – blog/article excerpt; saturday – reads of the week; sunday – worship setlist blog carnival.

Don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up the everyday blogging for long, but I promise to try…

Anyway, today is Friday, so…

Blog Excerpt:

‘What is the total income of the global church annually? It’s gotta be well into the hundreds of billions of dollars. What is the total land ownership of the church globally? I heard scary stats in this regard but can’t find anything solid. Most of this money goes into maintaining this massive amount of property in one way or another, which only gets visited a few times a week for very specific meetings. What if we sold all that property? What if we gave all the money we usually give to people who actually need it, instead of giving it back to ourselves in a round about way? I would love someone to do the numbers for me on this stuff but I am sure that we would be living in a very different world tomorrow. I once heard a stat that said to provide clean drinking water, health care and basic nutrition for everyone on the planet would cost about 20 billion Dollars… which is how much Americans spend in one year on Ice Cream! Heaven forbid that America decides to give up something as frivolous as Ice Cream, before the church gets off it’s ass and does it’s job!

There is a line Shane quotes in the middle of the video which sums it up nicely. It says something like, “If we all lived this way Capitalism would be impossible, and Marxism would be unnecessary.”’

– Sean Tucker
check out the full article here

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