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yesterday was my birthday…actually today as i’m writing this the day before it goes up.

there’s been a lot of talk about dating in my circles lately, and it has left me feeling old and thinking “why the hell am i still single? i should be married with kids already? i’m gonna end up alone in my house with 17 cats…and i’m allergic to cats! fml!”

today (4th) i got a plethora (i think we can all agree that that is an awesome word) of fb wall posts, sms’s, calls, bbm’s, tweets, emails, dm’s, inboxes, whatsapp’s, etc wishing me a happy birthday. and i thought, what the hell, i’m good. i’m loved. what more could you want.

my name is tsholofelo mpuru and i’m forever-single but not alone. i am loved. and i love my life.

happy 27th bday, me.

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  • This thing of moving/changing phone numbers a lot. 10 min call with SARS and I couldn't remember jack - home/work number, cell, address...🙈😔 1 hour ago
  • RT @MizIronsi: Pharrell Williams 2 public shows announced by @bigconcerts. Check out my insta page for more info 2 hours ago
  • Star Wars was released 38 years ago today. Happy happy, uhm...people who like Star Wars. 3 hours ago
  • It's towel day today. Happy happy, hitchhikers. 3 hours ago
  • It's Africa Day today. Happy happy, Africans. 3 hours ago

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